Business Development Liaison

Role Overview

The primary responsibility of the Sales Liaison is to help Westfall Gold make connections to qualified nonprofit organizations through intentional connection and networking.  Provide strategic consulting and drive relationship building among qualified nonprofits that are not currently connected to Westfall Gold.  Serve as a strategic advisor, connector, relationship curator, and lead gatherer.  

The Ideal Liaison is well connected in the nonprofit sector and could help to introduce Westfall Gold to significant CEO, CDO and Vice President level people responsible for fundraising within the organization.  This person is likely a busy executive who works full time, but has knowledge of and engagement with one of three nonprofit sectors, faith based organizations, human service organizations and higher education institutions.  They should also posses the ability to be a natural connector and advocate for Westfall Gold.  This role  would require intentional  follow up and nurturing of relationships.  Assist with  strategic introductions to key stakeholders with a goal of 30 to 40 introductions annually.


  • Regular introductions to the appropriate relationships within one of the three market segments listed above.  The goal would be an average 3-4 introductions monthly.
  • Provides regular reports of possible introductions and follow up feedback from prospects regarding their interest levels.
  • Assist the Business Development team in closing sales and effective follow up.  
  • Maintains positive client and team relationships to deliver an extraordinary client experience.  Engages with clients and internal team with integrity and professionalism, proactively communicating, and instilling confidence in Westfall Gold. Effectively collaborates with internal team members to deliver a unified, seamless experience for our clients.


  1. Key introductions
  2. Consistent and comprehensive reporting
  3. Collaboration with the Business Development team of Westfall Gold


$1,000 to 2,000 per month


One or two conferences a year as schedule allows.



  • Contacts and experience working with executives with the C suite executives or VP level executives within one of three market segments: faith based non profits; human services organizations; or higher education institutions.
  • Fundraising experience is a benefit but not required.


  • Ability to make introductions and cooperate with the Business Development team of Westfall Gold to coordinate activities, make introductions, provide feedback and develop positive relationships with prospects for future business opportunities.
  • Solid reputation with a network of contacts within the market segment is essential.


To apply, please send the following to

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Please review our website and provide a response (no more than 500 words) to the following question: Why would you love to work for Westfall Gold? (You may include this response in your cover letter.)