Video Producer

Role Overview

The Video Producer is responsible for bringing our client’s vision and mission to life through video. This individual is a skillful, creative communicator who bridges the gap between the creative team and clients at Westfall Gold. The right candidate is detail-oriented, experienced in delegating work to a team, and proficient in messaging oversight and coordinating large-scale projects. This individual will communicate with clients frequently about their videos, ensuring that the finished pieces are aligned with the broader goals of the fundraising events where they will be viewed.


1. Oversees video projects from start to finish. Leads video planning process from concept to completion within the creative team, serving as a hands-on producer, direct contact for client, and the leader of cross-functional video brainstorm conversations. 

2. Manages expression of key messages through video. Identifies and highlights most compelling elements of story possibilities. Ensures that stakeholders share a common understanding of the vision of each video. Leads planning and post-production process to ensure that key story elements are captured and highlighted appropriately. Helps develop content cuts for video drafts. 

3. Plans and pitches key work on client projects. Works with team members to plan project workloads, filming windows, and editing windows. Works with creative directors and clients to build treatments for videos. Pitches video ideas to client and secures approvals. Creates shot lists for field crew. 

4. Manages budgets for client projects: Partners with team members to determine budget parameters. Oversees project budgets, ensuring that resources are allocated effectively and projects are delivered within financial expectations. 

5. Manages pre-production process. Drives desired outcomes in field production and post production. Coordinates output of numerous team members, crew, and contractors. Keeps clients and team members consistently updated. Provides oversight on deadlines. 

6. Troubleshoots during field production process: Stays available to solve problems encountered by the field crew during travel and filming. Engages in regular

contact with the field crew and associate producer regarding filming, story, updates, and problem solving. Engages in limited field production work for select clients. 

7. Supports post-production process: Maintains regular contact with team members during post-production to ensure videos are moving smoothly through post, from footage transfers to edit oversight and review. Provides general oversight regarding deadlines. Ensures the intended video message is present in edits. 

8. Supports Westfall Gold team members in delivering products and services on-time and with excellence to ensure a successful MDE and an exceptional client experience. Collaborates with other Westfall Group team members and vendors to deliver a unified, seamless experience. Engages with clients with integrity and professionalism, proactively communicating, anticipating needs, and instilling confidence in the Westfall Gold. Resolves concerns raised by clients with a win-win approach. 

9. Accomplishes other objectives, as necessary or assigned. Completes other activities related to Major Donor Events or company related projects as assigned from time to time.


Minimal travel is required. Occasional non-traditional hours and weekends are required. This is a work-from-home position.



  • 8 years of experience in a senior production role, preferably within similar video formats and genres. 
  • Experience managing and communicating budgets for client video projects 
  • Ability to navigate a deadline-rich environment with multiple projects under competing timelines


  •  Exceptional leadership and organizational skills 
  • Strong communication and interpersonal abilities 
  • Familiarity with the latest trends, technologies, and methodologies in video production 
  • Excellent verbal/written communication, negotiation, presentation and relationship-building skills
  • Experience in using email/calendaring, word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software in Google Suite


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience


Please send resumé and submit a show reel of Documentary style videos for consideration and email to to be considered.