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2021 Major Donor Generosity Webinar

Insights and Takeaways from Nonprofit Leaders

Watch our complimentary webinar with Bob Westfall and dynamic nonprofit leaders to discuss key trends and leading major donor development practices in this mid-year review.

We are honored to have these respected leaders share their experiences and insights with us:

  • Bruce Deel, Founder & CEO, City of Refuge
  • Tracy Thomas, Senior VP for Advancement, Biblica
  • Rick Waggoner, Senior VP & CDO, Convoy of Hope

During the webinar we will gather key takeaways from the panel covering:

  • Giving trends in the first half of 2021
  • Successes and challenges during this unprecedented season
  • Best practices to engage major donors
  • Expectations for the future

This is a great springboard for a discussion with your team about how to advance your mission.