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2024 Major Donor Generosity Report

The front page of the Generosity Report

Every year, Westfall Gold conducts an in-depth analysis of data from its engagement strategy to continuously improve results for its clients. Westfall Gold is releasing these insights to the nonprofit community in the 2024 Major Donor Generosity Report, which addresses these five donor development topics:

  • Unrestricted Giving Trends
  • Mid-Level Donors Capacity
  • Lapsed Donors Re-Engagement
  • Gatherings Linked to Major Donor Engagement
  • Benefit of Effective Relationship Managers

"The results in this report underscore the opportunity and importance of inspiring and engaging major donors who remain dedicated to transformative causes, demonstrating the power of moving donors from casually engaged to deeply invested. 

We trust that the insights in this report will be helpful as you advance the mission of your organization."

DAN Clark
Chief Executive Officer, Westfall Gold