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2023 Major Donor Generosity Report

The front page of the Generosity Report

Every year, Westfall Gold conducts an in-depth analysis of data from its engagement strategy to improve results for its clients continuously.

Westfall Gold is releasing these insights to the nonprofit community in the 2023 Major Donor Generosity Report, which addresses these five donor development topics:

  • Major Donor Giving Trends
  • Effective wealth analytics
  • Sources of potential major donors
  • Motivating unrestricted major gifts
  • Donor experiences that drive generosity

"To thrive in 2023, fund development will require us to observe the ways in which the world has changed and innovate to remain effective. Some among us may look at the uncertainty of the future and pull back on big plans.

The research we have gathered makes an evidence-based case to resist that fear and move boldly into relationships with major donors, creating experiences that cast vision for transformational impact. We are confident that the insights in this report provide direction for nonprofit pioneers bravely looking for the path forward in this new world."

DAN Clark
Chief Executive Officer, Westfall Gold