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2023 Generosity Report | Now Available

After a challenging 2020 and the banner 2021 year in philanthropy, it may seem like it’s a whole new world. It’s fair to say that many things have indeed changed. 

As nonprofit organizations face the future, we see strong evidence of one thing that has not changed: the deep commitment of major donors to fuel life transformation.

In 2022, Westfall Gold experienced this commitment first hand in the 42 major donor experiences we produced, including 2,027 major donor families. These experiences raised a total of $255 Million, averaging over $5.1 Million in support for each organization’s mission. These are exceptional results by any standard and support the understanding that this fundraising strategy has the power to move donors from casually engaged to deeply invested.

To thrive in 2023, fund development will require us to observe the ways in which the world has changed and innovate to remain effective. Some among us may look at the uncertainty of the future and pull back on big plans. 

The evidence we have gathered in our generosity report makes an evidence-based case to resist that fear and move boldly into relationships with major donors and creating experiences that cast vision for transformational impact.

We are confident that the insights in this generosity report provide direction for nonprofit pioneers bravely looking for the path forward in this new world.