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The Debrief Newsletter | July 2023

Giving USA Shares Total U.S. Charitable Giving Declined in 2022, Westfall Gold's Giving Growth Remains With Market Trends.

Giving USA reports that in 2022, there was a decline in overall charitable donations, which is typically a rare event observed during years marked by challenging or atypical economic circumstances. The total amount of donations decreased by 3.4% in current dollars, and when adjusted for inflation, it represented a decline of 10.5%.

According to our Generosity Report, we observed a decline in the average gift in 2022 compared to the anomaly years of 2021 and 2020. However, despite this decline, Westfall Gold’s results continue the upward trend with a significant 22% increase from 2019, a year when market trends did not directly affect overall charitable giving in the United States.


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