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Westfall Gold and Braintrust Creative Combine for Greater Impact

Westfall Group is excited to announce the merger of Westfall Gold and Braintrust Creative. The combined businesses will continue to operate as independent units under the parent company while supporting each other to achieve greater levels of excellence in serving their respective clients.  

The decision to combine under one company was greatly influenced by a consistent main characteristic in both organizations’ missions: transformation.


Westfall Gold has served hundreds of nonprofits since 2002 helping them to raise more than $1.6 Billion by utilizing the power of gathering to build community, creating the case, and inspiring trust during major donor events.  The result is that the funds have fueled life transformation for millions of people worldwide.  

Braintrust Creative has been creating transformational experiences for Fortune 50 companies by utilizing their creative expertise to move audiences and develop brand loyalty and employee engagement.  Braintrust has served organizations such as Amazon; Delta Airlines; Land Rover; NFL and many more.  

“The merger is smart business for both organizations” according to Dan Clark, Westfall Gold CEO.  Drew Kimball, President of Brainstrust Creative, said, “We have been long-term partners and vendors with Westfall Gold.  Our missions align, our talent support one another’s missions and our visions support one another.”  

With the joining of these two companies, both organizations look forward to offering clients a wider array of services backed with complementary experience in event management and execution, creative services, production, and more.


Creating transformational experiences and results starts with a partner who can bring your mission and vision to life at every touch point. Our team at Westfall Gold has fine-tuned our services and core competencies around the mind of a major donor. This means we execute our disciplines and strategies with your very specific audience in mind moving your major donors from casually engaged to deeply invested.

Contact us today to learn more, and to begin your journey toward transformational impact for your organization.