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Convoy of Hope | Vision Summit 2022


Vision summit is a gathering of Convoy of Hope’s most committed key supporters and some potential new friends to celebrate all that has been accomplished through the organization's work and to catch a fresh vision for the future. 


Vision Summit 2022 was Convoy of Hope’s 9th year of hosting this weekend experience and working with Westfall Gold. COH needed a collaborative partner to help bring the weekend to life, produce a theme and experience that would continue exceeding expectations, and compellingly present their growth and vision.


Through brainstorming meetings between Convoy of Hope and our team, the theme “Hope Makes It Happen” was developed and was the starting ground for building the whole experience. This theme impacted stage design, scripts, videos, room layout for production, and talent acquisition. From the big picture to the fine details, this concept was carried through the weekend, instilling an intellectual, emotional, and trustworthy vision with major donors.


Achieved a record $29 Million, primarily unrestricted at 90% and geared toward global program initiatives and disaster services.

“There is tremendous synergy between our organizations, which has helped Convoy of Hope continue to push the boundaries and achieve new records.”

– Kimarie Page, Vice President of Development Resources