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Evangel University | President's Gathering 2023


Evangel University’s Presidents Gathering serves as a platform for bringing together essential supporters and prospective allies of the institution. During this event, the university's renewed vision is unveiled, highlighting its ongoing efforts to shape compassionate innovators among its students. Students that are empowered to address contemporary challenges with care and creativity, embodying a commitment to meaningful service. The gathering is not only a celebration of Evangel's current achievements but also an opportunity to forge new connections and partnerships.


Evangel University needed a collaborative partner with the capacity to advance their fundraising endeavors. Their objective was to secure a partner who could provide guidance and assistance in crafting a strategy aimed at cultivating a profound rapport with their vital current supporters, nurturing a spirit of generosity. Concurrently, they aspired to broaden their resource of substantial contributors, all while progressing their authentic relationships and preserving the outstanding sense of community that Evangel has long been known for.


By harnessing a comprehensive array of both on-stage and off-stage intricacies, the partnership between Westfall Gold and the University culminated in the creation of a compelling case that left an lasting impact with the major donors who attended the weekend experience. From the curated invitations and thoughtfully chosen venue, to the captivating videos and moving speeches, Westfall Gold helped Evangel communicate the core values and identity of the university into the very fabric of the weekend. The major donors in the room were provided a window into the institution's ethos and mission, thereby forging a deep and lasting connection between them and Evangel University's transformative mission and community.


During this event, Evangel University achieved $3.1 Million, contributing to their record-breaking giving total for their 2022-2023 fiscal year.

Westfall Gold is truly the best when it comes to planning and executing major donor events. One of their mottos is to inspire transformational giving and that is exactly what we have experienced. Our partnership with Westfall Gold has resulted in millions of dollars raised for our university and ultimately our students. We look forward to working with Westfall Gold for many years to come!

- Dr. Michael L. Kolstad, Chief of Staff, Executive Vice President