We help church leaders advance ministry and vision by deepening their engagement with those who have been entrusted with significant resources, leading to increased investment and Kingdom impact.

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MORE THAN 150 Organizations Fueled by Westfall Gold

Westfall Gold played an instrumental role in our fundraising efforts for the YouVersion Bible App. Their professionalism, expertise, and innovative approach were impressive, significantly aiding us in raising funds to advance our mission of getting God’s word to everyone, everywhere, every day.

We wholeheartedly endorse Westfall Gold for its passion for creating an unforgettable experience, helping us achieve our goals, and making a more significant impact.


Pastor of Life.Church and New York Times Bestselling Author

What I like about our relationship with Westfall Gold is that they are so good at communicating vision and speaking the language of it to the business world, the business leader, and the donor world in ways that aren’t easy.

I think it is important for pastors and leaders to have a relationship with an organization like Westfall Gold who come alongside them to advance the vision God has given them.

Chris Hodges

Founding and Senior Pastor, Church of the Highlands


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